Felix R. Savage

You might say Felix R. Savage has a long history associated with rebellion. He was born in the 1970s, a decade of American youth rebelling against the safe culture of their parents. He was born in South Carolina, a state which rebelled twice, successfully in 1776 against British occupation, then unsuccessfully in 1861 against the United States they had helped create. As a youth his family moved to Ireland, a nation that had been partially successful in rebelling against British occupation. Due to the involvement of his parents in the resistance to the occupation of Earth by our lizard overlords his family moved around Northern Europe, mostly around the British Isles and France.

While still too young for school Felix’s family lived in Ireland where the family was involved in the struggle against the injustices by the insidious occupation forces of the lizard people. In an effort to avoid detection the family kept to themselves and did not engage with the community, hence they learned little of the language or customs of Ireland. This failure to blend in with the community may have led to their detection by the occupation forces and the need to flee shortly before the jack-booted forces doing the lizard people’s bidding raided their home.

After several moves to avoid their pursuers Felix’s family was asked by the leadership of Earth’s resistance to the lizard people’s occupation to run a stop on the resistance’s global underground railway. The station was responsible for the movement of resistance fighters, refugees, information, and weapons for the resistance. The station was on one of the sparsely populated islands of the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. While setting up such operation where new people would easily be spotted seems like a bad idea, the location was intentionally selected because of its remoteness and access to the sea. The fact that the residents of the Hebrides supported resistance to the unification of the crowns of Scotland and England long after others may be merely a coincidence.

Learning from their experience in Ireland Felix’s family worked at blending in. Before arriving in the Hebrides the family learned the local customs of the islands, English. Once settled in their new home they made many friends, his mother joined the local gardening club, and Felix and his brother attended the local school. Over the next several years the family lived a comfortable double life, by day just another local family, by night stationmasters on the resistance’s underground railroad. Mrs. Savage’s gardening club membership came to an abrupt end one night when their home was attacked by the forces of the lizard people. Fortunately the preparations the family had in place gave them enough warning to destroy their house and the station along with all the evidence of their activities. After a running gun battle across the island that claimed lives from both sides the family was able to escape.

The family became nomads, living in a second-hand ambulance. Eventually they established a new identity and home in rural France where they again worked hard to appear as a normal family while resisting the lizard people’s occupation. While Mrs. Savage couldn’t bring herself to join the local gardening club, Felix and his brother did develop a deep appreciation for French cultural jewels such as chocolate croissants. It was during this time Felix saw his first samurai movie and he was quickly hooked on the genre. He felt a special kinship with ‘Zatoichi, The Blind Swordsman’, who fought for justice but was constantly forced to move. In order to better understand the movies he loved Felix learned Japanese. The family’s time in France followed the same pattern their time in the Hebrides did. After being warned of a pending attack by the occupation forces on their home in France the family, now with the addition of a third sibling, fled and settled in Ireland for a second time.

Felix attended the local school and began listening to rock music to better fit in. After several happy years in Ireland tragedy struck the family. While the local government and community believed the events were a series of unfortunate coincidences, those involved in the resistance knew better. The lizard people had learned from their earlier failed efforts and had changed tactics. The involvement of his family with the resistance to the lizard people’s occupation cost Felix and his siblings dearly. By the time he was 14 years old Felix had lost his stepfather and mother under mysterious and tragic circumstances, while his father had gone to ground in a secret Eastern European hideout.

A relative who was not associated with the resistance to the lizard people took Felix and his brothers in. For the next few years Felix grew up peacefully near Boston, birthplace of the American Revolution. He attended high school with a famous couple from the area by the names of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Felix did not mix with the Damon/Affleck crowd due to their suspected links to the Illuminati, which is known to support the lizard people. While in high school he wrote his first novels, under a nom de guerre, which got him into college despite his sub-optimal SAT scores. He also discovered that he liked girls and that they liked him, but some girls’ parents did not like him; and the less said about that in a family-friendly forum, the better.

It was while Felix was at college in New York City he again became involved in the resistance to the lizard people’s domination of Earth. During this period he trained in covert operations, armed and unarmed combat, surveillance, and other skills needed as a resistance operative. His fascination with guns that began while his family ran an underground railroad station reached full bloom during his training. He trained with a wide variety of guns, from pistols to heavy machine guns. While general-purpose machine-guns, like the American M-60 are his favorites, his personal weapons are concealable 9mm subcompact pistols. He also learned about the deep animosity cats have for the lizard people and their ability to detect them.

After a full course of rebellion and more tragic events Felix decided to move to a country associated more with conformity than rebellion, Japan. The fact that Japan is the birthplace of Hello Kitty and the love of cats the Japanese have indicated that it would be a safe country to start over in. Realizing the importance of not being found Felix shed his previous identity and adopted a new one. He picked the name Felix in honor of Saint Felix of Nola, a gentle man who helped the poor. The reason for picking the name Savage is because he likes its bloodthirsty punk connotations. His love of authors J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin made the selection of R for his middle initial easy, but he could only afford one “R”. With his new identity as Felix R. Savage he settled in his new homeland.

While it may seem difficult for a man of American descent to blend in as Japanese, Felix’s love of sake, pachinko, anime, udon noodles, and of course samurai films has made it possible. When he arrived in Tokyo he had offers to teach English at several places but decided to teach at the Japan Women’s University, largely because there are more young, single women there than at other universities. To supplement his teaching salary he took a job as a translator at a major corporation.

He found his skill as a Japanese / English translator coupled with his skill at out-drinking the average salaryman have given him great professional success. His exotic looks and drinking prowess eventually led to success in his personal life. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have a beautiful daughter. Together the three of them live in Tokyo serving their cat overlord and benevolent protector.

Felix writes Science Fiction and Fantasy while not translating, delighting in his family, or catering to the whims of the family’s cat. He never stops watching out for any sign the lizard people have found him.

As told to A.J.M.

Due to security considerations, Felix is only reachable by email. You can email him at felix@felixrsavage.com.

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