Welcome to the Clusterverse

A New Felix R. Savage Space Opera Universe

Far in the future, in the distant Messier 4 cluster, humanity coexists with the legalistic Ekschetlan Empire, a host of lesser alien species ... and an age-old mystery that could shatter the balance of power. The long, uneasy peace is about to boil over into war.

A foiled terrorist incident on a backwater planet lights the fuse ... and drags freighter captain Mike Starrunner and his crew into an intrigue spanning thousands of light years, with all the wealth and power of the Cluster at stake.

LETHAL CARGO, Book 1 of A CAULDRON OF STARS, will be published in September 2018.

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Two Clusterverse novellas have already been published! You can find The Cryonite Caper and The Scrapyard Ship in these fine anthologies.

I plan to write origin stories for the whole crew. Some of these may be published and others will become subscriber exclusives.

  • Irene -- The Cryonite Caper
  • Mechanical Failure -- The Scrapyard Ship
  • Martin -- TBW (To Be Written)
  • Dolph -- TBW
  • Mike -- TBW
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The Cryonite Caper is the origin story of Irene Seagrave, Mike's current weapons officer. Find out how Irene joined the crew, and what happened to her predecessor. Also gives some of the backstory on the feud between Mike and rival Shifter freighter captain Buzz Parsec.

scifi book

The Scrapyard Ship is the origin story of Mechanical Failure, the St. Clare's maintenance bot. How did Mike come to own the St. Clare in the first place? The answer lies in the cruel desert of Gorongol, a planet in the grip of a cold civil war.

The Clusterverse was originally conceived in a series of brainstorming sessions with SF author Walter Blaire. His contributions are gratefully acknowledged. Learn more about Walter’s highly praised space opera series, The Eternal Front.

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